IPVanish: The Fastest VPN – $6.49/mo

ipvanish vpnIPVanish makes big claims to be “the only true Top Tier VPN service in the world” and it’s no doubt that they meet this claim.

With top VPN speeds, very secure connections and competitive pricing, you should always consider IPVanish before you buy.

Their network spans over 1,100 servers and allows access to 60+ pseudo-countries so is one of the largest in VPN market allowing unrestricted Internet across the globe.



IPVanish is a top-tier VPN service provider, that’s without a doubt. They own and operate one of the fastest VPN service in the world, with 1,100+ servers in over 85 cities and 60+ countries.

For those of you who are new to VPN’s, when you establish a connection to an IPVanish server, it alters your IP address. As a result, your device appears as though it’s connecting from somewhere else in the World (that you can choose).  This allows you to change your visible location, virtually, and therefore access internet content that you might ordinarily be restricted from seeing. When IPVanish makes this connection it automatically encrypts the traffic making it impossible for anyone to tell what you are doing.

The key point of any VPN is really about security. There is no point being fast if your not secure, so what does IPVanish offer. Firstly, as with many VPN’s, there are no logs of any kind ever. They also use the AES-256 OpenVPN encryption and SHA-256 for authentication which is very secure and a VPN standard. The SOCKS

“5 proxy” combined with “OpenVPN” increases security again and is used to minimise the loss of speed. For some of the more technical areas please refer back to the site by clicking the button below. Is there a downside to IPVanish security? It is based in US so with the extensive government’s surveillance in America so who knows what you don’t know.

Let’s look at speed. If speed, reliability without buffering is your requirement then IPVanish maybe the one for you which makes it ideal for gamers. You can expect the lowest level speed of 30Mbps and above with IPVanish but with a fast fibre link you can get speeds 3 or 4 times that. IPVanish is the king of speed in the VPN world

In terms of usability, IPVanish can be used on practically every operating system so that is a big positive plus there isn’t a restriction on using Torrents (P2P) like some others. It isn’t the easiest to use as the options available make it a little fiddly to setup.

In summary, IPVanish’s speeds are some of the best around making it extremely appealing to the gaming world and P2P users, it’s very secure and reliable. It isn’t the easiest interface to use (see TunnelBear is you want easy) so not for the computer novice

verybestvpnIPVanish Pricing

IPVanish pricing is as follows comes with a range of interesting and great ways to be safe at a low cost.

  • 3 Months  – $8.99 per month / $26.99 per quarter
  • 12 Months  – $6.49 per month / $77.99 per year
  • 1 Month – $10.00 per month

Payment methods: Visa, Debit/Credi, Paypal and Cash

* 7-day money back guarantees – no questions asked. 


+ Fast and unlimited
+ No Censoring
+ Torrents allowed
+ Large Country selection
+ Works with Netflix HBO Amazon Prime Pandora BBC iPlayer Hulu And others


Not the easiest to use
Based in USA
7 day money back

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