Perfect Privacy: Encrypt and anonymize your VPN

very best vpnPerfect Privacy has been delivering privacy and anonymity to it’s members since 2008 and is one on the original VPN providers who have been around since the beginning. The protection of your privacy their main concern and comes without logging so your traffic is safe.

You can freely choose between multiple fast VPN servers from across the world, including popular locations like Sweden, Russia, Iceland, Hong Kong and the Netherlands. Most of the servers have IPv6 addresses and bandwidth up to 1000 mbps so are super fast


Perfect Privacy

Perfect Privacy

It is a fact that big internet companies and govenment agencies are trying to snoop as much data as possible when you are browsing so it makes sense to encrypt your entire network traffic at all times.

“Every user has the right to communicate securely and anonymously on the Internet. It is good practice to exercise this right as a matter of principle, so whenever you send sensitive data your privacy remains protected.”

As the media regularly reports, most Internet service providers and groups like Facebook, Twitter store yopur information. A good VPN package helps you to keep safe and your browser traffic free from prying eyes.

Perfect Privacy does not log any IP addresses or data about its users whatsoever, so obviously cannot share your data.

VPN Features

What is different about Perfect Privacy. Most VPN providers offer tunneling of your Internet traffic through two VPN servers. With the Perfect Privacy client software for Windows you can even encrypt your traffic with up to 4 servers. Obviously, this is slower so can be toggled on or off. The advantage is that you can choose the specific route for your tunnel. This way it is possible to route all your Internet traffic through four continents making it very difficult to track.

Many services are restricted in some countries so a good VPN will remove these. With Perfect Privacy you can choose what country to use to access your favorite content.

Perfect Privacy uses OpenVPN for its encryption. This is considered to be one of the safest and reliable encryption protocols used on the internet. This comes with 4.096 bit encryption and AES-256 bit for encryption of the traffic data.

As soon as the OpenVPN connection is established all Internet traffic is routed through the VPN automatically, regardless of the client software being used. The configuration files can be used with the OpenVPN client software or the Perfect Privacy VPN Manager, which also installs the OpenVPN client.

Perfect Privacy Discount

very best vpn



+ Unlimited bandwidth
+ 4 Country Tunneling
+ Really easy to use
+ Vary speed and security
+ Switzerland jurisdiction



Not the Fastest
Not the Cheapest

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