ProtonVPN: Excellent Features and Security

Proton VPNIf you want top-notch encryption from a reliable source look no further than ProtonVPN, the latest product from the company who brought the world’s largest encrypted email network.

ProtonVPN boasts Secure internet anywhere and that it’s easy for everyone to use, with a variety of different models ranging from free to paid service.

With a solid and reliable team of security experts at the helm, you can expect an excellent VPN with no logging, top of the line encryption and strong connection.


Proton VPN

Proton VPN is the latest project from well-known security experts, who produce Proton Mail, the world’s reliable and largest email encryption service.

So you expect the same level on encryption when it comes to their VPN, they use the same encryption that you would expect to use with online banking.

They also promise that they offer a strict policy of no logging, meaning your VPN connection will always be private and they do not store any information of which sites your visit or your connection.

They have standard free to the paid model, making it easy to get a secure VPN for free, but you are limited to only 3 server locations while the paid model comes in the form of basic with is $4 every month or plus which is $8 a month.

VPN Features

If you do decide to purchase Proton VPN, you will notice plenty of excellent features which will make it worthwhile using. For example, something that already been touched on is their strict policy of No Logging, meaning your connection and your activity never records or stored.

Proton VPN has one of the strongest encryptions we have seen for a VPN, they use OpenVPN (UDP/TCP) protocol along with AES-256 encryption. Other excellent features are Proton VPN ensures there are no DNS Leaks, meaning your location is always hidden.

Depending on which model you chose, will obviously affect speed, for example, if you do try the free version, you can only have 3 servers to use, which are the Japan, Netherlands or USA, and the speed is limited. The basic version, the speed is certainly increased and you can have two connections for different devices.

The plus version as you would expect to allow you to have all locations available to you and allows you to have 5 connections, and the fast speeds compared to the last two.  The most expensive option does have the best speeds, allows you to have 10 connections and comes with Protonmail Visionary included.

Proton VPN also has a built-in killswitch to protect your connection if ever the VPN fails to protect your connection.


There is plenty of reasons for having a VPN, obviously, privacy and security are at the top of that list, but there has been increasing demand with streaming services as well, especially with NetFlix. Compared to other VPNs on the market, Proton VPN does allow you to do this, but only with certain servers.

If you decided to use a VPN for torrenting, again compared to other VPN, Proton VPN allows you to torrent but it’s only available on the paid models, and since they are based in Switzerland, there are laws and restrictions in place which may affect torrenting.

Proton VPN does have the advantage of working on a variety of devices, including Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS and Android.

Proton Pricing

As previously mentioned there are 4 different price points for Proton VPN, which are the free version, the basic version, the plus version and Visionary version. As you can expect the free version will have the most limited features, while the Visionary version will have the most features.

Proton VPN

You will notice there are 3 different payment plans, with the basic plan being the cheapest at $4 a month, the plus plan being $8 a month and the Visionary plan being $24 a month. The overall yearly cost works out as basic is $48 yearly, Plus is $96 yearly and Visionary is $288 yearly.

  • Basic Plan  – $4 per month
  • Plus Plan – $8 per month
  • Visionary – $24 per month

Payment methods: Visa, Debit/Credit, Paypal, Bitcoin and Cryptocurrencies


+ Top of the line Encryption
+ No Logging
+ Works on Numerous devices


Limited Speeds and locations unless you pay for Plus package
Limited in streaming and torrenting

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