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verybestvpnVyprVPN “one of the world’s most powerful VPN’s” is offering exceptional online security to protect your sensitive data whilst you have unrestricted and open access to the Internet. Enjoy a fast, secure & private Wi-Fi connection with your free trial today!

Your IP address, location, browsing activity and online communications are at risk. A VPN encrypts your Internet connection protecting your online privacy from hackers and governmental restrictions whether you’re browsing the internet at home or on the go.

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What makes VyprVPN unique is that their operation is entirely managed by themselves and without third parties so has the internal control that no other VPN has. Its also comes with very competitive pricing. Let’s take a look at what VyprVPN has to offer.

Starting with the security aspects, as you would imagine, the security is top notch. They offer a choice to their customers which allows them to balance speed vs security by using multiple VPN protocols – so you can choose your preferred level of encryption, speed, and protection. They offer OpenVPN, L2TP/IPsec, PPTP and Chameleon. Each of these options gives different levels of high security from 128-bit, 160-bit or 256-bit. OpenVPN is the recommended protocol for desktops including Windows, Mac OS X and Linu and provides the highest performance so is fast, secure and reliable. Chameleon is great for VPN users being blocked in countries such as China, or if you are experiencing speed issues due to bandwidth throttling.

The thing that makes VyprVPM unique is their claim that they solely manage everything. What does this mean? They own, engineer and manage their own VPN servers making them the only company who handles your data from end-to-end. They also write 100% of their code and optimized VyprVPN for modern broadband connections.

What about speed? VyprVPN have the highest level of speed and security for broadband Internet connections. They do have an advantage because they own the servers and manage a global network to deliver the fastest VPN speeds. When tested the average speed was circa 50 mbps with peaks at over 100 mbps. This makes it comparable to the best in the market. The other positive on speed is that you can throttle down the encryption to add speed should you wish. The VPN also comes with unlimited bandwidth usage.

In terms of countries, you can simulate VyprVPN server clusters in North America, South America, Europe, Asia, Africa and Oceania. In fact there are over 700+ servers in the pool making it one of the largest pool in the market. This comes with over 200,000 IP addresses and unlimited bandwidths and server switching.



vyprvpnVyprVPN Discount

Firstly, there is a 3 day free trial at VyprVPN. The VyprVPN plan options come in 2 types  -monthly and yearly –  and two options basic and premium

  • 12 Months Basic – £43.50 per month
  • 12 Months Premium – £57.50 per month
  • 1 Month Basic – £6.90 per month
  • 1 Month Premium – £9.25 per month

Payment methods: Visa, Debit/Credit, Paypal


+ Strong Encryption
+ Fast Speeds
+ No Logs


Only 3 day trial

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